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Gemma Arterton – The Laurence Olivier Awards 2015

Gemma Arterton showing some amazing cleavage in a plunging black dress that her breasts almost spill out of as she chats with a guy during a red carpet interview at The Laurence Olivier Awards for 2015. As the guy leans in to look at her necklace, his camera gets a close-up view of her chest. 

Katy Perry – Saturday Night Live – S36E01

Katy Perry wearing a plaid skirt and a very tight low-cut red shirt that shows plenty of cleavage as she goes on a fake talk show. She steps onto stage and bounces up and down, her breasts bouncing a bit before she sits down and talks to the hosts. They discuss the size of her… Read more »

Malin Akerman – 2014 People’s Choice Awards

Malin Akerman showing some great cleavage in a very revealing white dress as she and a guy walk out on stage and then present an award as he makes her show off her ass and they flirt with each other.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2010)

Jennifer Love Hewitt walking on stage in a tight black dress that’s low-cut and reveals some of her bra and some nice cleavage. She then sits down beside a guy for an interview and they discuss one of her magazine covers in which she poses in a bikini.