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Emma Booth – Glitch – S01E02

Emma Booth standing in front of a mirror with her shirt pulled down, her reflection showing her breasts missing but we see both of them as the camera turns to face Emma.

Christy Williams – Ray Donovan – S03E09

Christy Williams sitting in bed naked as she finishes painting her toenails while talking to a guy. She then kisses the guy and stands up, giving us a great look at her breasts and butt when she turns to walk past the bed naked.

Lizzy Caplan – Masters of Sex – S03E09 – 2

Lizzy Caplan making out with a guy as he unhooks her bra and picks her up to sit her on a table. We see her breasts as the guy goes down on her briefly before having sex with her while standing up.

Lizzy Caplan – Masters of Sex – S03E09

Lizzy Caplan first showing her right breast while under a guy as they have sex on a bed. After then finish, the guy moves to the side and Lizzy rolls over a bit, giving a quick but clear view of both breasts.

Emily Kinney – Masters of Sex – S03E09

Emily Kinney undressing to stand naked in front of a guy in an observation room. We see her bare butt and breasts as she then straddles the guy on a bed. She then strokes his shoulders and chest with her fingers while she and the guy talk.

Cristina Umana – Narcos – S01E09

Cristina Umaña giving us a great look at her breasts while sitting in a bubble bath hot tub with a guy as he kisses her feet and then talks with her for a while as they do drugs and drink champagne until he starts playing with her left breast and nipple until she gets fed… Read more »

Assumpta Serna – Borgia – S01E02

Assumpta Serna lying topless on her back as Eva Jenícková spreads pig excrement over her breasts and body until a guy walks in and gets upset with Eva and makes her leave.

Marta Gastini – Borgia – S01E01

Marta Gastini giving us a nice look at her breasts as she lies sleeping with her chest rising up and down until the camera pans away.

Laura Perico – Narcos – S01E05

Laura Perico removing her blue dress to reveal her ass as she walks over to a guy on a bed and then climbs on top of him giving us some looks at her breasts before she starts having sex with him while riding him on a bed and then has him sit up and lick… Read more »

Barbora Mudrova – Borgia – S01E02

Barbora Mudrová removing her dress to reveal her breasts and then trying to cover herself while standing naked as a guy pulls out a belt and walks towards her.

Joanna Christie – Narcos – S01E02

Joanna Christie having sex with a guy while riding him on a bed giving us a look at her ass and then several looks at her left breast before they hear some gunfire and she dives off to the side all during a brightened version of a very dark scene.