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Lotte Verbeek – Outlander – S01E10

Lotte Verbeek dancing and rolling around on the ground topless at night, lit by some fires in the grass near her. She then talks to Caitriona Balfe, who was watching her ceremony. Lotte then stands up and pulls her dress back up over her breasts.

Hilary Duff – Younger – S01E02

Hilary Duff lying on her side in bed and showing some cleavage in her nightie as she reads from a tablet as a guy lies behind her and tries to seduce her. He then reaches his hand around to squeeze her breast for a bit before she takes his hand away.

Celina Sinden – Reign – S02E18

Celina Sinden wearing a slightly undone black bustier that shows off her cleavage as she walks around a room talking with a guy and bending over slightly on occasion showing more of her breasts.

Nicholle Tom – Masters of Sex – S01E02

Nicholle Tom lying on a table topless as a group of girls look on while a doctor talks about some measuring equipment and Nicholle sits up after a bit.

Robin McLeavy – Hell on Wheels – S04E03

Robin McLeavy standing up bent over against a box showing some cleavage down her dress as she has bored sex with a guy who is behind her as she plays cards while she rocks back and forth.

Keri Russell – The Americans – S02E03

Keri Russell removing her shirt to reveal a puffy white bra to a guy who is sitting on the edge of the bed and then talking with him briefly.

Laura Perico – Narcos – S01E06

Laura Perico giving us a great look at her breasts while sitting up topless and in light blue panties as she talks with a guy who is sitting on the edge of the bed for a while until finally he leans back into her arms as they talk some more.

Emayatzy Corinealdi – Hand of God – S01E05

Emayatzy Corinealdi swimming on her back topless in a pool near a waterfall, her breasts rising above the water. She then heads to the edge of the pool where she remains topless and her breasts are visible through the water as she talks to a guy sitting nearby. Finally, she exits the pool and we… Read more »

Bojana Novakovic – Satisfaction – S01E08 – 3

Bojana Novakovic giving us a close up look at her breasts as she stands in front of a mirror applying a lot of white powder all over her body and then removing a towel from her head and fixing her hair all while still naked.

Elizabeth Masucci – Royal Pains – S03E13

Elizabeth Masucci, star of the new show Public Morals, showing some nice cleavage in a red bikini as she sits on a chair by a pool and talks with a doctor and another guy all while her mom and sisters are around them in bikinis as well.