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Gaia Weiss – Vikings – S02E06

Gaia Weiss loosening her dress and lowering it off her shoulders as a guy watches, her bare breasts in view.

Emma Greenwell – Shameless – S03E11

Emma Greenwell standing wrapped in a towel with wet hair after a shower as a guy watches her drop the towel off to go naked, showing her bare breasts before putting on a shirt.

Ruth Wilson – The Affair – S01E05

Ruth Wilson showing her breasts as a guy goes down on her while she finishes and tries to push his head away and then lying naked on her side curled up with him showing the side of her breast as they talk for a long while until finally the phone rings and she grabs it… Read more »

Sarah Shahi – Fairly Legal – S01E07

Sarah Shahi lying in bed as she grabs a phone off of a nightstand and then talks with a guy while showing some cleavage in a low cut tanktop.

Kaley Cuoco – The Big Bang Theory – S08E19

Kaley Cuoco wearing a tight yellow t-shirt with hard nipples as she plays ping pong outside and talks with Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bialik and some guys.

Judy Greer – Californication – S01E08

Judy Greer on all fours in a very skimpy bra and panties as a guy does a line of coke off her back and then she turns onto her side, showing plenty of cleavage while talking to the guy. She then switches positions again, laying back as he does more drugs off her stomach before… Read more »

Maude Hirst – Vikings – S01E05

Maude Hirst walking out of a cabin in a forest fully nude and then standing and talking with a boy briefly until a guy walks out to join them.

Serinda Swan – Graceland – S01E09

Serinda Swan walking across a beach, her breasts bouncing a bit in her wet bikini top as she carries a surfboard before she sits down next to a guy on a rock and talks to him.

Capucine Delaby – Odysseus – S01E12

Capucine Delaby dropping her dress off her shoulders to give us a clear topless view as she stands in a tent with a guy and he slowly approaches her. We then see the guy with his hands on Capucine’s head before he lowers her to the ground, where she lies on her side.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – The Client List – S01E07

Jennifer Love Hewitt coming out from behind a blurry window to reveal an opened robe with a white bra and white panties as she poses for a guy and talks with him until he gets upset and backs away and she tries to calm him down.

Lorraine Toussaint – Orange Is the New Black – S02E12

Lorraine Toussaint showing both breasts when lying in bed topless next to a guy, the sheets pulled up to her waist as she talks to the guy and then reaches over the edge of the bed for a phone after the guy leaves.

Laura Haddock – Da Vinci’s Demons – S01E03

Laura Haddock undressing in a stable, showing bare breasts firsts and then lowering her dress completely to show full-frontal nudity. A guy then joins her and kisses her before turning her around and havings ex with her from behind as she holds on to a railing.