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Lela Loren – Power – S01E07

Lela Loren standing naked against a window in a high-rise apartment as a guy kisses down her stomach and between her legs. We then see her with her legs wrapped around the guy as they have sex standing up against the glass. Afterward, we see Lela lying naked on her back in bed with her… Read more »

Morven Christie – Hunted – S01E08

Morven Christie straddling a guy in bed and pulling her tank top over her head to reveal her breasts before leaning over and kissing the guy, moving down his stomach until he stops her. She then rolls off the guy and sits on the edge of the bed, her right breast coming into view again… Read more »

Wendy Michelle – Banshee – S01E01

Wendy Michelle wearing a see-through shirt with no bra underneath that reveals pokey nipples as she tends bar and looks over at a guy who is having a drink. We then see her having sex with the guy in the bar stock room, pulling her shirt over her head to reveal her breasts, which the… Read more »

Debra Messing – The Starter Wife – S02E02

Debra Messing wearing a white top with no bra and slightly hard nipples as she stands in a doorway talking with a guy and then walks into the apartment and begins looking around everywhere trying to find something she lost all while they talk.

Karina Testa – Odysseus – S01E03

Karina Testa topless in a brief scene when a guy lowers her dress off her shoulders while standing behind her.

Diane Kruger – The Bridge – S01E06

Diane Kruger removing her uniform shirt to reveal a gray sports bra and then bending over and showing some more cleavage as she grabs another shirt out of a drawer and then covers herself with it.

Abigail Jovan – The Slap – S01E06

Abigail Jovan sitting back up topless after having gone down on a guy, showing her bare breasts as she wipes her mouth and the guy leans over to touch her left breast.

Lara Pulver – Da Vinci’s Demons – S02E07

Lara Pulver lying naked on her back on a bed with her breasts in view as we see a guy going down on her until she orgasms. She then sits up and puts her arms around the guy before laying down next to him, showing most of her left butt cheek and then her left… Read more »

Allison Janney – Masters of Sex – S01E08

Allison Janney seen topless in a bathroom doorway as she turns around to talk to a guy and partially covers up her breasts at times with her hands.

Viva Bianca – Spartacus: Vengeance – S02E03

Viva Bianca shown naked through a see-through sheer dress as she walks into a room. She then pauses to drop the dress off her shoulders to expose her breasts before approaching a guy.