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Tereza Fiserova – Borgia – S01E01

Tereza Fišerová giving us a good look at her right breast while sitting up on a bed talking with a guy as he gets dressed before she stands up and starts making out with him until they get interrupted by her husband who gets angry and attacks the guy.

Amy Manson – Desperate Romantics – S01E03

Amy Manson standing in a greenhouse in a brown dress as a guy squeezes her right breast and kisses her neck while she talks before he stops kissing her and talks back all while still holding on to her breast.

Shanola Hampton – Shameless – S05E11

Shanola Hampton on her back with her breasts in view as she has sex with a guy on top of a pool table as water cascades down on them from the ceiling above.

Emily Bergl – Shameless – S05E07

Emily Bergl standing in an alley and whipping her shirt up to flash her breasts to some guys on a trash truck.

Emily Bergl – Shameless – S05E11

Emily Bergl sitting on a chair with her sweater open to expose her breasts, the leads of a jumper cable attached to her nipples as she gets zapped by a car battery.

Sascha Alexander – Masters of Sex – S03E10

Sascha Alexander sitting topless on the edge of a bed as a guy sits next to her and moves his hand down between her legs. We see her bare breasts as the guy pleasures her and a couple doctors observe through some glass. She talks to the guy and after a while he stops, at… Read more »

Jennie Jacques – Desperate Romantics – S01E04

Jennie Jacques posing naked except for a gold triangle covering her privates as she talks with some guys as one of them draws her and then walks over and adjusts her pose.

Emmy Rossum – Shameless – S05E12

Emmy Rossum showing bare breasts in a sex scene with a guy in which we see her on her back at first before she rolls over onto her side with the guy behind her. They then finish with Emmy riding the guy in his lap, showing her butt from the side. Emmy then gives a… Read more »

Bojana Novakovic – Shameless – S05E12

Bojana Novakovic coming off the beach in a bikini and walking into a room where she changes clothes, showing her breasts and butt as she pulls the bikini off and then puts a dress on over her head as a guy turns his head away nearby.

Caitriona Balfe – Outlander – S01E09

Caitriona Balfe showing bare breasts when she is being held hostage by a guy standing behind her who aims a gun at another guy who is trying to rescue her. We see her breasts for a while as the two guys square off before she is finally rescued.

Nicole Gordon – Underbelly – S01E07

Nicole Gordon surprising a prisoner in his cell by removing her tie and ripping open her security guard uniform to reveal her large breasts and then removing her hat and shaking her hair out before she lies him down on his cot and climbs on top of him.