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Anne Hathaway – Love and Other Drugs

Anne Hathaway unbuttoning her sweater and pulling her left breast out from her bra to let a doctor examine a small mark on it. She holds her breast with her hand and when the doctor remarks that the mark is simply a spider bite, Anne quickly puts her breast away.

Judy Greer – Adaptation.

Judy Greer kissing a guy and then unbuttoning her shirt and pulling it open to reveal her nice breasts.

Uma Thurman – Prime

Uma Thurman showing pokey nipples in a blue tank top as she walks down a hallway and enters a therapist’s office, ending up laying down on a couch.

Megan Duffy – Maniac

Megan Duffy seen from a guy’s point of view as she enters a room in a bra and panties and approaches the guy. He then reaches up and unhooks her bra and she teases him by holding her hands over her breasts before letting go and giving him a topless view. We then see him… Read more »

Mimi Rogers – The Door in the Floor

Mimi Rogers posing fully nude for a guy, first seen from the front with her large breasts and bush visible, and then turning to give us a look at her butt from behind as she stands naked.

Marta Dusseldorp – Jack Irish: Bad Debts

Marta Dusseldorp naked on her back as a guy has sex with her in bed, showing her bare breasts. We then see more topless views of Marta when the guy rolls off her and lies next to her. Marta then gives a quick flash of her butt when getting out of bed and putting on… Read more »

Amanda Swisten – American Wedding

Amanda Swisten whipping open her maid’s outfit top to reveal her great breasts and then holding her feather duster and pouting as a guy tries to escort her out the door.

Shari Solanis – Now & Later

Shari Solanis fully nude as she places a mattress against a chair on a rooftop and lays down, inviting a guy to join her. As he watches, she gets up and stands beside a railing stark naked, showing her breasts, buns, and bush. She then fetches drinks and sits down beside the guy once again… Read more »

Amelia Jackson-Gray – The Campaign

Amelia Jackson-Gray wearing a blue dress that has fallen off her left shoulder to expose her left nipple as she meets some politicians in a hallway, apparently unaware that her nipple is poking out.

Heather Roop – Guns, Girls and Gambling

Heather Roop naked on all fours on the corner of a bed as a guy stands behind her and has sex with her with his handson her hips. They are then interrupted by another guy entering the room, and Heather sits down on the bed, giving us a closer view of her bare breasts.

Juno Temple – Little Birds – 2

Juno Temple on the floor of an empty house as she sits up to pull her shirt off and unhook her bra, going topless as she lays back and a guy leans over to kiss her. He then slips his hand up her thigh before stopping and kissing Juno some more as she lies on… Read more »