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Alex Essoe – Starry Eyes

Alex Essoe giving us a look at her breasts while sitting topless in front of a mirror with a shaved head as she opens a box and applies some lipstick.

Camille Keaton – I Spit on Your Grave (1978)

Camille Keaton kneeling naked in a bubble bath as she massages a guy’s shoulder and washes his chest and then slides her hands under the water and starts rubbing him to get him excited for a while until he closes his eyes and she takes a knife and puts it under water and then continues… Read more »

Lucy Clarvis – Curse of the Witching Tree

Lucy Clarvis first showing her right breast from the side while reclined in a bath tub, then giving a nice look at both breasts from above as she lies in the water with just her face above the waterline. After she gets startled, she sits up and we see a bit more of her breasts… Read more »

Christy Bray – T-Force

Christy Bray removing her pink robe to reveal her breasts and bit of her ass from behind as she stands there while a guy checks her out until she’s revealed to be a virtual reality simulation as she starts to fritz out and disappear.

Caroline Dhavernas – Hollywoodland

Caroline Dhavernas (of Hannibal fame) walking into a bedroom in a brown shirt with no pants and her white panties showing underneath and then climbing into a bed with a guy and talking with him while at one point adjusting herself and having her left nipple accidentally peek out before he gets up and leaves… Read more »

Gabriella Belisario – Youth

Gabriella Belisario topless in a bathroom, standing in front of a mirror as she pulls her bra on and then puts a jacket over it while turning and walking out of the room.

Madalina Diana Ghenea – Youth

Madalina Diana Ghenea showing stunning full nudity as she walks near a swimming pool completely naked and then steps slowly in as a couple guys watch her walk across the pool and recline on an underwater bench.

Sheila Campbell – The Editor

Sheila Campbell standing in front of a couple guys with her dress falling off her right shoulder to reveal her breast.

Tristan Risk – The Editor

Tristan Risk stepping fully nude out of a bath tub, showing her breasts and bush first as she walks out of the bathroom. We then see her butt as she approaches a bed naked, putting a see-through robe on. Someone then drugs her with a syringe and places her on the bed with her robe… Read more »

Teri Hatcher – The Big Picture

Teri Hatcher wearing a low-cut white top that first shows cleavage as she sits on a couch with a guy, and then shows hard nipples as she gets up to answer the door and let another guy into the room.

Pauline Etienne – Tokyo Fiancee – 2

Pauline Etienne lying in a guy’s lap in a bath tub, both breasts visible above the water as the guy reads from a book.

Pauline Etienne – Tokyo Fiancee

Pauline Etienne showing bare breasts from above as she lies in bed with a guy, first with the sheets up to her chest and then with both breasts fully exposed. The scene then ends with Pauline on her side with only her right nipple in view.