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Denise Crosby – Eliminators

Denise Crosby in a white tank top as she swims into some water into a partially submerged cockpit of a plane. Her tank top goes see-through when wet and we see her nipples when she looks around and then emerges from the water. She is then seen from behind as she pulls the tank top… Read more »

Nadine Crocker – Cabin Fever – 2

Nadine Crocker making out with a guy in the kitchen of a cabin, her bra coming off first to reveal her breasts as she sits on some drawers and the guy stands between her legs. We then see her bare butt as the guy picks her up naked and they have sex, moving over to… Read more »

Nadine Crocker – Cabin Fever

Nadine Crocker seen naked in a sex scene with a guy, showing her breasts and butt while riding him before he turns her over onto her back.

Cristina Garavaglia – The Voyeur

Cristina Garavaglia wearing a thin floral print dress that is pulled open to reveal her breasts as she joins a guy on a bed and they sit looking at a magazine of naked women. Cristina then kisses the guy and gropes the guy between his legs a bit over his pajamas before leaving the room.

Bea Santos – Coconut Hero

Bea Santos being watched by a guy as she undresses next to a lake, taking her jeans off and then stepping out of her panties, showing her bare butt as we see her from behind walking down toward the water.

Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl – 2

Alicia Vikander sitting naked on a bed reading a book as a guy sits down beside her. She then kneels and puts her arms around the guy, taking his shirt off. We then see her bare butt as she kneels on the bed and looks at the guy, who is wearing her nightie. He then… Read more »

Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl

Alicia Vikander wearing a nightie as she stands beside a bed and a guy watches her pull up her nightie to expose her bare butt.

Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos – Blue Is the Warmest Color

Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos both fully nude in this graphic, highly realistic lesbian sex scene as the girls begin by going down on one another in turn while standing, kissing each other’s breasts as they trade off. Léa, with the blue hair, then lays back and Adèle leans over her, making out with her… Read more »

Sophia Takal – Molly’s Theory of Relativity – 2

Sophia Takal naked on all fours on a bed as she and a guy experiment with anal sex while he kneels behind her and tries to have sex with her before he stops and she rolls onto her side.

Sophia Takal – Molly’s Theory of Relativity

Sophia Takal lying naked on her side in bed with a guy as she runs her hand over his erection and he plays with her breasts while kissing her. She then pauses to write in a notebook, showing full-frontal nudity before getting out of bed.

Sarah Silverman – I Smile Back

Sarah Silverman sitting on a toilet in a pair of panties as she leans over topless and takes some drugs. She then stands in front of a mirror and touches her breasts while checking out her reflection and turning to the side. Lastly, we see her submerging herself in a full bath.

Liandra Dahl – Silver Shoes – 2

Liandra Dahl getting into a 69 position with a guy on a sofa so that she give him a blow job while he goes down on her at the same time. After a while, they change positions and Liandra climbs into his lap to ride him. She reaches down to masturbate while grinding against the… Read more »