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Stacy Martin – Nymphomaniac: Volume II – Director’s Cut – 2

Stacy Martin lying in bed next to a guy naked as she rubs herself furiously trying to feel something and then gets out of bed and wets a washcloth and repeatedly slaps herself in between the legs to get some feeling until she freaks out and the guy rushes in to check on her.

Diane Kruger – Troy (Director’s Cut)

Diane Kruger undoing her dress and letting it fall down to reveal her breasts as she moves to kiss a guy. We then see her lying naked on her stomach in bed, showing off her great ass. She then sits up, and we see more of her topless as she receives a necklace from the… Read more »

Meg Ryan – In the Cut (Director’s Cut)

Meg Ryan completely naked as she walks towards the camera, her bush visible and her breasts jiggling as she sits down next to a guy and gives him a glass of water.

Kim Sun-Young – Love Lesson – 2 (Director’s Cut)

Kim Sun-Young kissing a guy and then seen in bed with him as she lies on her back and he kisses her breast before pulling her panties off so he can go down on her while reaching up to grab her breast. We also see her going down on him before they have sex –… Read more »

Stacy Martin – Nymphomaniac: Volume I (Director’s Cut)

Stacy Martin answering a door naked and then taking some flowers from a guy and putting them in a vase before lying fully nude on her back with her legs spread a bit as a guy lowers his head and then goes down on her while she grabs on to him all as a woman… Read more »

Anna Faris – What’s Your Number? (Director’s Cut)

Anna Faris undressing on a dock to show bare buns before diving off the dock hand-in-hand with a guy. It’s definitely Anna showing her breasts when she pops back up in the water before settling back down and treading water in this nighttime skinny-dipping scene.

Carla Gugino – Sin City (Director’s Cut)

Carla Gugino waking up in bed topless, giving us a nice look at her great breasts as walks to a dresser and picks up a thong while wearing only a thong. She then enters her bathroom and stands in her thong while fetching some pills for a guy.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Nymphomaniac: Volume II – Director’s Cut

Charlotte Gainsbourg sitting topless in a chair in an office as a guy gives her some rope and makes her tie it in knots while he grabs a strip of cloth and then shoves it into her mouth and ties it behind her head to gag her as she struggles.

Kim Sun-Young – Love Lesson – Director’s Cut

Kim Sun-Young posing topless for a guy to make a sketch before she gets up and we see her breasts as well as hint of her bush through her thin white panties. She then sits down in the guy’s lap on a piano bench and he makes out with her while he reaches down between… Read more »