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Kong Ye-ji – Love at the End of the World

Kong Ye-ji sitting at a vanity as a guy sits down behind her and pulls her shirt off while making out with her. The guy reaches around to grope her breasts before we see him and her having sex on the floor where she rides him in his lap energetically.

Wei Tang – Lust, Caution

Wei Tang showing everything in a sex scene with a guy in which they contort into various acrobatic positions while in bed together.

Chihiro Ohtsuka – Tokyo Refugees – 2

Chihiro Ohtsuka wearing a very low-cut dress that shows plenty of cleavage as she bends over and moves something around a bathroom. Her nipples begin to pop out of her top and then she pulls her dress off one shoulder to expose her right breast as a guy looks on. She then pulls the dress… Read more »

Chihiro Ohtsuka – Tokyo Refugees

Chihiro Ohtsuka first undressing near a bed and crossing arms in front of herself to partially cover her breasts after taking off her bra. We then see her on top of a guy on the bed, showing her breasts as she leans over to kiss him and then has him cup her left breast in… Read more »

Rinko Kikuchi – Map of the Sounds of Tokyo

Rinko Kikuchi standing naked in a subway car as a guy lays her back on a bench and kisses his way down between her legs and goes down on her while reaching up to massage her breasts and squeeze her right nipple.

Shanti Carson – Shortbus

Shanti Carson showing her breasts while a guy has sex with her from behind at an orgy, looking over at Sook-Yin Lee, who is watching. 

Sook-Yin Lee – Shortbus

Sook-Yin Lee fully nude as she has unsimulated sex with a guy in all sorts of gymnastic positions in a variety of rooms at home, including giving and receiving oral sex, during this explicit sex scene.

Kim Sun-Young – Love Lesson – Director’s Cut

Kim Sun-Young posing topless for a guy to make a sketch before she gets up and we see her breasts as well as hint of her bush through her thin white panties. She then sits down in the guy’s lap on a piano bench and he makes out with her while he reaches down between… Read more »