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Elyse Genevieve – Lingerie – S01E12

Elyse Genevieve surprising a guy by standing fully nude except for some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and then making him take his clothes off and having sex with him on her back on a couch before she gets on top and has sex while riding him in reverse cowgirl as she bounces up… Read more »

Vanessa Broze – Forbidden Science – S01E09

Vanessa Broze seen in a dreamlike fantasy sequence fully nude as a guy makes her sit up in a bed and kisses her before having sex with her as she rides him in reverse and then briefly while facing him until she lies on her back and he kisses her breasts and then has sex… Read more »

Leigh Livingston – Co-Ed Confidential – S02E06

Leigh Livingston outside with some guys as she removes her shirt to reveal her breasts and then pulling her jeans down and standing there fully nude while one of the guys puts star stickers on her chest and then fantasizes about kissing her until finally they finish and she walks away.

Lindsey Meadows – Co-Ed Confidential – S02E06

Lindsey Meadows standing outside as she removes her pink robe to reveal her fully nude body to some people and then spinning around to give them a look at her ass as well before standing next to a guy continuing to show herself off all as Leigh Livingston complains.

Malena Morgan – Pleasure or Pain – 2

Melana Morgan wearing nothing but a green robe over her shoulders as we get a full-frontal view when she answers a phone call and stands up. Malena talks dirty to a guy and slips one hand down between her legs to play with herself. She then lays down on her back on a bed and… Read more »

Heather Vandeven – Life on Top – S01E12

Heather Vandeven leaning back nude on a bed as a guy kisses her and goes down on her and then getting on her knees on the edge of the bed and having sex with him standing behind her until finally she gets on top and rides him for a while.

Staci Thorn – Sex Games Cancun – S01E07

Staci Thorn having a guy remove her blue dress to reveal her breasts and then kissing them for a bit before he goes down on her for awhile and then has sex with her on her side while he’s behind her slapping her right breast some to make it jiggle and squeezing it a bit.

Michelle Maylene – Co-Ed Confidential – S03E01

Michelle Maylene standing naked in just a pair of fishnet stockings as she leans over to kiss a guy and then sits in his lap on the foot of a bed. We then see them having sex on the bed, Michelle on her back at first and then riding him.

Heather Vandeven & Angela Davies – Life on Top – S01E02

Angela Davies and Heather Vandeven both fully nude on a bed as they tie a guy’s hands up and then touch each other and lesbian kiss and then Heather sitting on the guy’s face for a bit as he goes down on her before Angela gets on top and has sex while riding him all… Read more »

Noelle DuBois – Forbidden Science – S01E04

Noelle DuBois fully nude as she rides a guy hard on a table in a laboratory and then turns around and rides him in reverse all as Joanne Alderson briefly walks by and watches and then leaves.