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Halle Berry – Swordfish

Halle Berry showing us her breasts as she suns herself topless on a lawn chair, holding a book as she chats with a guy in her famous first nude scene.

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Nymphomaniac: Volume II – Director’s Cut

Charlotte Gainsbourg sitting topless in a chair in an office as a guy gives her some rope and makes her tie it in knots while he grabs a strip of cloth and then shoves it into her mouth and ties it behind her head to gag her as she struggles.

Melissa Jacobs – Naughty Reunion

Melissa Jacobs giving us a look at her breasts while topless and in gold bikini bottoms and then putting on a gold bikini top and standing in a breakfast nook and talking with a guy for a while.

Elena Anaya – Room in Rome

Elena Anaya waking up naked in bed, leaning over the edge and then emerging nude from the bed to answer her hotel room door. Natasha Yarovenko is at the door in a blue dress and Elena stands talking to her with her breasts in plain view. Elena then pulls Natasha inside the room and we… Read more »

Asia Argento – Dracula (AKA Dracula 3D)

Asia Argento standing naked in a tub of water, giving us a good look at her bare breasts as Marta Gastini helps bathe her by pouring water over her shoulders. As Marta kneels down to sponge Asia’s legs, we get a view of a bit of Asia’s lower butt. Asia then gives us another frontal… Read more »

Loretta Yu – Hemlock Grove – S02E02

Loretta Yu first seen in a black bra as stands in front of a mirror in a motel room and then removes the bra to go topless. She sits down on a bed with a guy, facing away from him in his lap as he grabs her breast from behind before pusshing her to the… Read more »

Claire Danes – Stage Beauty

Claire Danes rolling over on top of a guy as her dress falls open to reveal her right breast. We can also see her bare butt from the side as the dress gets pulled up to her waist while she kisses the guy.

Juno Temple – Little Birds

Juno Temple showing bare breasts while sitting in a bath tub, first seen from the side before she pulls her knees up to her chest. She then lays back and submerges herself under the water, giving us a topless view from above.

Nicole Kidman – Eyes Wide Shut

Nicole Kidman standing naked in front of a mirror, her bare butt visible from behind and her breasts visible in the reflection as she shakes her hips a bit while putting on a pair of earrings. A guy then approaches her, and takes her in his arms to kiss her.

Kim Sun-Young – Love Lesson – Director’s Cut

Kim Sun-Young posing topless for a guy to make a sketch before she gets up and we see her breasts as well as hint of her bush through her thin white panties. She then sits down in the guy’s lap on a piano bench and he makes out with her while he reaches down between… Read more »

Claire Danes & Sarah Bolger – As Cool as I Am

Sarah Bolger wearing a red t-shirt with hard nipples under a an opened grey hoodie as she talks with Claire Danes who is also showing hard nipples and has Claire kiss her on the cheek before pulling her to walk away.