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Laura Haddock – Da Vinci’s Demons – S01E03

Laura Haddock undressing in a stable, showing bare breasts firsts and then lowering her dress completely to show full-frontal nudity. A guy then joins her and kisses her before turning her around and havings ex with her from behind as she holds on to a railing.

Juno Temple – Little Birds – 2

Juno Temple on the floor of an empty house as she sits up to pull her shirt off and unhook her bra, going topless as she lays back and a guy leans over to kiss her. He then slips his hand up her thigh before stopping and kissing Juno some more as she lies on… Read more »

Melissa George – The Slap – S01E05

Melissa George naked in a bath tub, showing bare breasts above the water while reclining against the back of the tub. A guy then enters the room and Melissa gets out of the tub, showing plenty more of her breasts as she stands in front of a mirror with a towel wrapped around her waist.

Paulina García – Gloria

Paulina García unbuttoning her dress as she walks slowly toward a guy, revealing that she is wearing nothing underneath except a bra. We see her bush before she moves over to a sofa with the guy and gets into his lap to have sex with him.

Natalia Avelon – Strike Back – S02E07

Natalia Avelon standing naked in a shower, showing her bare butt from behind while under the water. She then steps out and walks into a bedroom naked, showing bare breasts as she holds a towel with one hand and answers a phone with the other.

Chelan Simmons – The L.A. Complex – S01E01

Chelan Simmons wearing a pink sports bra and tight black pants as she dances and exercises in an apartment while looking at the clock and then eventually making a smoothie and getting angry and knocking everything to the floor while showing some slightly hard nipples.

Maria Popistasu – Tuesday, After Christmas

Maria Popistasu completely naked as she lies in bed with a guy, showing full nudity while on her back and side. The guy then grabs her breast before she rolls onto her side next to him. 

Kathryn Fiore – Wedding Band – S01E09

Kathryn Fiore straddling a guy on the ground while wearing skimpy pink panties and a low cut purple top with her breasts pressed together showing some very nice cleavage as she talks with him for a while and then gets off of him and sits next to him as they talk some more.

Kim Basinger – I Am Here

Kim Basinger looking at herself in a closet mirror as she unbuttons her shirt, pulls down her bra and exposes her left breast. We then get a closer view of her breast and hard nipple before she covers back up.

Hera Hilmar – Da Vinci’s Demons – S01E01

Hera Hilmar sitting for a portrait while topless, some ribbons woven into her hair as she talks to a guy while he draws her mostly naked figure.