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Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos – Blue Is the Warmest Color

Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos both fully nude in this graphic, highly realistic lesbian sex scene as the girls begin by going down on one another in turn while standing, kissing each other’s breasts as they trade off. Léa, with the blue hair, then lays back and Adèle leans over her, making out with her… Read more »

Sophia Takal – Molly’s Theory of Relativity – 2

Sophia Takal naked on all fours on a bed as she and a guy experiment with anal sex while he kneels behind her and tries to have sex with her before he stops and she rolls onto her side.

Sophia Takal – Molly’s Theory of Relativity

Sophia Takal lying naked on her side in bed with a guy as she runs her hand over his erection and he plays with her breasts while kissing her. She then pauses to write in a notebook, showing full-frontal nudity before getting out of bed.

Kong Ye-ji – Love at the End of the World

Kong Ye-ji sitting at a vanity as a guy sits down behind her and pulls her shirt off while making out with her. The guy reaches around to grope her breasts before we see him and her having sex on the floor where she rides him in his lap energetically.

Sarah Silverman – I Smile Back

Sarah Silverman sitting on a toilet in a pair of panties as she leans over topless and takes some drugs. She then stands in front of a mirror and touches her breasts while checking out her reflection and turning to the side. Lastly, we see her submerging herself in a full bath.

Liandra Dahl – Silver Shoes – 2

Liandra Dahl getting into a 69 position with a guy on a sofa so that she give him a blow job while he goes down on her at the same time. After a while, they change positions and Liandra climbs into his lap to ride him. She reaches down to masturbate while grinding against the… Read more »

Jennifer Connelly – Shelter

Jennifer Connelly seen kneeling on the ground with cum across her face as it slowly drips off before a guy hands her a tissue to wipe herself with and then talks with her and leaves all while there’s still some of it on her forehead until finally she wipes that off as well.

Klara Kristin and Aomi Muyock – Love

Klara Kristin, Aomi Muyock and a guy all lying in bed together as they start kissing each other and flicking their tongues together before it develops into a threesome as Klara plays with Aomi’s breasts and licks her nipples and then gets on top and lesbian kisses her as the guy gets below her and… Read more »

Aomi Muyock – Love – 2

Aomi Muyock lying naked behind a guy as she pushes up against him on a bed and then takes his penis out of his boxers and strokes him while giving him an explicit handjob before she lies fully nude on her back as he goes down on her for a while until finally she gets… Read more »

Aomi Muyock – Love

Aomi Muyock lying fully nude across a guy’s body as she rocks back and forth rubbing her breast against his penis and giving him an explicit handjob all while he rubs her between the legs and slides his thumb in and out of her and sticks his fingers in her mouth until finally she masturbates… Read more »