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Rihanna – Work

“Work” is one of Rihanna’s 2016 chart-toppers, a song featuring Drake and one very, very, see-through shirt. In the music video, Rihanna’s nips are totally visible throughout the entire song as she dances around and grinds on lucky Drake, who looks understandably into the action. “Work” will have you putting in some work of your… Read more »

Sherilyn Fenn – Shameless – S06E07

Sherilyn Fenn of Two Moon Junction fame lying in bed topless on her side with her arm covering her breast as a guy joins her, causing Sherilyn to roll over onto her back and show both breasts. The guy then gets on top of her and they begin to have sex. Sherilyn Fenn nude in… Read more »

Nicola Fiore – Sociopathia

Nicola Fiore showing bare breasts as she stands in front of a bathroom mirror and looks at herself before looking through a medicine cabinet. She then takes a shower, again seen topless before she slumps down after someone attacks her. Nicola Fiore nude in Sociopathia (Movie, 2015)

Emmy Rossum – Shameless – S06E07

Emmy Rossum waking up in bed with a guy and rolling over, showing her breasts before she rolls into his arms. They talk for a bit before Emmy rolls over on top of him and her right breast briefly comes into view again.

Angelina Jolie – By the Sea – 3

Angelina Jolie reclined in a bath tub showing some of her breasts just above the water line as she talks to a guy. She then sits up and we see more of her breasts, the guy leaving the room and Angelina eventually laying back in the water.

Selma Brook – The Tudors – S04E08

Selma Brook standing bedside in a thin nightie that she unties and lets drop down to her waist, revealing her bare breasts as a guy watches her. She then climbs into bed with the guy and begins to kiss him.

Krystin Pellerin – The Tudors – S02E02

Krystin Pellerin making out with a guy against a tree and then having him turn her around and lower her dress to reveal her breasts before he slides his hand up and grabs her left breast and feels her up before she turns back around and starts kissing him again.

Gillian Anderson – Straightheads

Gillian Anderson showing both breasts during a nude sex scene with a guy in bed, showing hard nipples while they have sex and while lying on her back afterward.

Alice Barrett – Choke

Alice Barrett (Alice Barrett Mitchell) surprising a guy by sitting naked on the toilet in an airplane bathroom as a guy opens the door and shuts it quickly before going in to join her and then having sex with her in a variety of a different positions including with her sitting on the seat, riding… Read more »

Angelina Jolie – By the Sea – 2

Angelina Jolie standing in a shower topless, showing both breasts as a guy approaches her. She then partially covers up by crossing her arms in front of her chest. She then steps out of the shower and wraps herself in a towel.

Whitney Able and Alexandra Breckenridge – Dark

Whitney Able naked on her back in bed as Alexandra Breckenridge leans over her, lesbian kissing her and going down on her. Whitney then tries to get Alexandra to be rougher, but instead Alexandra stops. Both girls show bare breasts and Whitney also flashes bush a couple times and shows her bare butt at the… Read more »